Eleni Kamma

The Corners of The Mouth (2021 — ongoing)

The project explores and develops participatory nourishing systems between artist, audience-public and the institutions involved, through exercises in affective communication. The Corners of The Mouth aims at establishing a sense of belonging in various sociocultural environments and conditions through reciprocal relations. Such a project asks for engagement from all participants, allowing for time to be spent together.

In The Corners of The Mouth my role as artist is not only to express my own opinions (which I will certainly do through my drawings and other solitary studio activities), but also to enable other voices that do not often have the opportunity to be heard. I will focus on cultivating new forms of artistic expression that strengthen the relation between the “I” and the “we” under the general umbrella of the project’s title and in collaboration with both institutions and individuals. In this project, two concepts will be guiding me: the notion of public time and the role of the artist as host.

The project is supported by the Mondriaan Fonds